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Michael Harris, Pastor 

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we will be celebrating it with a joint service with the Korean Congregation. Pastor Kim will be preaching that day and we will have special music, too. After the morning service, we will be having a Thanksgiving meal together with them.

The church will cook and prepare the turkey. We need you to bring carry-in side dishes and desserts.

Maybe this year, as no other year, these are desperate times. We have many abstracts before us. Right away, we think of all those who struggle with physical limitations. Our dear sister, Charlotte, comes quickly to mind. Then, all this political strife causing much stress and anguish.

Our world offers excuses: "If only I were younger, richer, smarter, better educated, I could challenge the day and make a difference"

These are all wrong self-pitying excuses, we must replace this unbelief with dynamic faith! Brace yourself, remember - God's not dead! He's alive and able to turn defeat into victory. The Doxology says -" Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow.. "

God is indeed good and we have much to be thankful for. In every situation, God is able -and I am witness to that provision,- this is not an abstract concept - but a very present reality.

I'm thankful, I'm sure you are too!

                                                                        Yours In Christ, Pastor  Mike


This may be the only country in the world that has a national Thanksgiving Day- Turkey, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, corn.. Though history isn't always a pretty thing, it does shape who and what kind of citizens we will become. Jesus history was only 33 years -on this earth, that is- but HIS history, to this day, is still shaping us into who and what we should be. As His born-again followers, God's Children, we have much more to be thankful for than those who are not of His Royal Family. Jesus also warned that following Him would not be an easy road. Today, with the hatred, anger, jihad activities around the globe, we can clearly see that as foretold of Lucifer Satan's free reign on earth, it is as the Scripture tells us. "what will be good will be evil, what is evil will be good". This is the time when we should be getting closer to the Lord, to follow the commandants given, be more diligent in His Service. Souls watching social media would not easily find the way to Eternal Life. That is our duty, as God's Ambassadors into the Darkness of the World. We are to be the lamps, with wicks trimmed and burning brightly, to show the way through that darkness into everlasting light, with the God of the Universe, of Creation...the Ruler of all Heaven and Earth. He is waiting for our arrival so He can welcome us, and the new souls - what our rewards will be. Will He tell you what a good and faithful servant you have been? I have to look inward and try to answer that question, also. Our young people are confused. Hollywood and video games, lead astray. They wonder "Is this all there is?" Suicides are up. Anger is up. Frustration is up. Why? Because the Great Deceiver and his minions are fast at work, doing their best to keep the lives and souls of the lost. Jesus wants those same lives and souls for Him.

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